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    Certified Default Advocacy Training and our knowledge of laws, nobody beats our success rate !!

    Target# 1. To stop the Foreclosure Sale and keep you in your house as long as possible, extending the length of time you can stay in your home. Often times you are able to stay in your home for free depending on your long term plans. Discuss loan modification option too.

    Target # 2. Is to use the our knowledge of the laws to make sure there is no additional recourse against you from your first and second mortgage holders, or even from a Home Equity Line of Credit. Once the process is over, you won’t owe any money to your lenders, and you’ll have much better credit than if you let the lender foreclose. You can even be back in a home in as little as 1 year, the best part of this process is you don’t pay to have this done, it’s absolutely free for you!!

    Target # 3 we will help you find a rental to move into in an area of your choice after the process is done. In some cases, we are able to get the seller UP TO $10,000 to relocate.

    We’ve helped 100’s of home owners in The Tampa Bay area over the last few years and our goal is to EDUCATE and HELP you as well. Please give us a call. We can talk on the phone or we can set an appointment to meet face to face to discuss the options that are best for you.

    We take great pride in what we do because we’ve helped so many people through difficult times. You aren’t the only one in this situation. We have many testimonials from home owners we have helped and we encourage you to take a look at what they have to say Click Here Don’t wait, do what’s best for you and your family right now!! This is a no obligation FREE service just email your info to us below this video testimonial and someone from our office will contact you.


    “My name is Lee Honish and I am the former head-loss mitigator for IndyMac Bank’s HELOC division. For the past several years I have trained over 50,000 real estate agents, held well over 600 seminars and I have been viewed millions of times on the Internet. I am proud to say that Carl Gresen is one of the BEST Certified Default Advocates I have had the pleasure to train over the past 5 years. Carl exemplifies my vision for what a Certified Default Advocate can and should be. Carl Gresen will give you unbiased and honest information. Carl Gresen will help you find the right course for your home to avoid foreclosure and restore you to a normal life.”

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