• Loan Modification

    We are here to help and to be your advocate in helping you find the best option for you.

    When you are having financial issues, it can be a very stressful time. With all the talk
    about government programs and loan modifications, you would think that keeping your
    home and getting the monthly payment reduced was an easy process.

    The truth is it isn't easy at all and without an expert in your corner it is almost impossible.
    We will talk to you and let you know what your best options are in your current situation.
    We will help you with the paperwork and tell you what you should include and what not to
    include in your package for a loan modification. By giving the bank too much information,
    you can actually hurt yourself in getting approved for a full recast.

    Why are we qualified?

    We have helped hundreds of families just like you.
    Part of our team is a former Loss Mitigation Manager from Indy Mac Bank.
    We truly know exactly what the bank is looking at and in most cases, what they will
    determine even before you turn in the package. If you want to increase your odds and find
    out the truth about the process and what your best options are please contact us today.

    The housing issue is a huge problem and we are here to help. Again, there is no charge
    to you so you have nothing to lose. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Just fill out
    your information on the right and we will get back to you shortly.